Sylvie Laflèche-Greig E-RYT200 RYT500 YACEP
SVA Co-Founder | Uniquely Sakalya Yoga
Studio Director, Owner Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. in Georgetown ON

"I am a teacher. My passion is teaching yoga. 

As a yoga teacher, I hold space for students, inviting them to arrive completely, live fully and be wholeheartedly present. I guide them to the understanding that there is so much more to yoga than the physical postures that tend to be the focus of classes here in the western part of the world.  

The yoga sessions that I lead combine ancient yogic traditional elements with a conscious and mindful attention on proper alignment. Together we grow, evolve and transcend through the holistic practice of asana, pranayama, kriya, healing mudras, mantra, laya and sufi movements, ancient wisdom and meditation. We explore the depth of all of these elements to create shifts within the body, mind and spirit. Students are always encouraged to develop a deep self-awareness and a sense of individual responsibility. 

It is my wish to passionately share my love of yoga and to inspire students to continue to commit to their practice and to come together as a sangha.

Always a student first, I am committed to deepening my personal practice with a dedicated focus to my daily sadhana and with yearly travels throughout Canada, the USA and India, being immersed in the wisdom and grace of yogic life and studying with Master Teachers such as Ma Siddhi and Sattva Yoga Founder and Master Teacher/Guru Anand Mehrotra."

Sylvie is an E-RYT200 RYT500 YACEP 

Sakalya Yoga as developed by Meera and Sylvie, Sattva Yoga as developed by Anand, Sattva Pre/Postnatal, Vinyasa, YogaFit, Yin, Restorative, Power, Kids, Youth, Hot Yoga and Meditation

I am honoured and humbled...  

FallFit Women's Weekend 2015 & 2017, MightyGirls, SpringFit Mexico 2016 & 2017 Retreats, up and coming SpringFit Mexico 2018 Retreat 

Seva Sattva Yoga Teacher Trainer (SYTT April 2015 & SYTT September 2016), Senior Sattva Yoga Teacher with a Sattva Yin class featured on & included with the course "Yoga from the Himalayas" Bonus Collection


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