Meera-SVA OwnerMeera Reid E-RYT500
SVA Co-Founder | Uniquely Sakalya Yoga

Meera has  been devoted to the path of yoga for over 15 years.  Though initially drawn to the practice for physical fitness, yoga soon inspired profound self-inquiry, radical expansion, and a passionate engagement with life. Meera’s deep commitment to personal transcendence, and immense joy for life, has become a form of inspiring transformation in those around her. 

In each of her journeys, Meera creates a compassionate and non competitive environment where all students are invited to celebrate all aspects of the unique human beings they are.  Though,  the style of practice may vary, from high energy yoga journeys to soothing therapeutic flows,  to cleansing Kundalini sets; each experience with Meera is empowering, and invites a connection to one’s own divine radiance and infinite capacity.  

Meera's unique journeys are an experience beyond the limitations of the mat and the inflexible mind. Guiding each student through an inward exploration of ones self beyond the physical body, into transcendence of self imposed limitations; by combining ancient yogic practices of mind balancing  pranayama, energizing Kriyas, mesmerizing laya, heart opening Sufi movements with modern and creative asana. 

Journeys become an explosive and powerful practice that help you move beyond fear, rise above your stories, see beneath the masks to reveal who you truly are. It's a big reminder of the strength within and the ability to let go of everything that does not serve us. 

Meera invites her students to observe a deep level of self awareness through each practice. Often, using mantra and the ancient science of mudras to broaden his or her own potential to focus and quiet the mind chatter, while healing through the elements. 

Presently, Meera is an inspired student, and loving teacher arriving in full willingness to share her love for all aspects of the yogic practice. It is her intention to create an openness that brings people together to celebrate their own boundless energy and learn to accept fully what is, while never underestimating the immeasurable capacity of human and spiritual potential. It is her life passion to radiate love to each being. 


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