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Join Meera in Edmonton Alberta & surrounding areas for classes and offerings

Yoga with Meera

Sattva Yoga as developed by Anand

Sattva Yoga Pre/Postnatal, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Siddhi and Meditation

The Brain Cleanse™ Facilitator

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SVA Yoga


SVA Yoga (pronounced S-WA) is part of a growing global community sharing the wisdom and teachings of Sattva Yoga as developed by Anand.

With the creation of SVA Yoga, Co-founders Meera and Sylvie are offering classes, workshops and trainings through 

SVA Yoga WEST - Edmonton Alberta

SVA Yoga EAST - Moffat | Halton | GTA

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Join Sylvie in Moffat Ontario, Halton Region and the GTA for classes and offerings

Yoga with Sylvie

Sattva Yoga as developed by Anand

Sattva Yoga Pre/Postnatal, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation

Certified FIS & CPR  

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Moffat, Halton Region and GTA

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Begins OCTOBER 2016

Sylvie SVA Yoga TorontoSylvie Laflèche-Greig, E-RYT200 RYT500

SVA Co-founder

Sylvie's love of yoga began at a very young age. She fondly remembers her first yoga experiences in the late 1970's with her aunt Frances Laflèche Cockburn (a Sivananda, Hatha Yoga teacher).  This set the foundation as yoga became a common practice that she continued on her own for years to come.  It was while teaching BodyFlow in early 2010 that she felt a magnetic pull, drawing her in to deepen her personal practice and knowledge of yoga.  This shift led her to completing her initial RYT200 journey in 2011 and to deepening her studies and life practice.

Travelling to India on a Yatra in 2013 opened Sylvie's heart and soul, deepening her connection to this path.  It was on this journey where she realized that she had been led to the birthplace of yoga to unite with transformational teachers who continue to guide her forward…  Meera Co-founder of SVA Yoga, Master Teacher Siddhi founder of The Brain Cleanse™ and Master Teacher Anand Mehrotra founder of Sattva Yoga.

She returns to Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas yearly to deepen her personal practice and travels throughout Canada, the USA and abroad to learn from these great Masters, to teach and to grow.     


Edmonton and surrounding areas

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Meera (Sandy Reid) SVA YogaMeera Reid, E-RYT500

SVA Co-founder

Presently, with the creation of SVA, Meera is an inspired student, and loving teacher humbled to share Sattva Yoga, the teachings of Anand Mehrotra. Along with her dear friend and partner Sylvie, it is her intention to come together and celebrate our own boundless energy and learn to accept fully what is. 

Sattva Yoga as developed by Anand has altered her life. " It is an explosive and powerful practice that helps you move beyond fear, rise above your stories to see beneath the masks to reveal who you truly are. It's a big reminder of the strength within and the ability to let go of everything that does not serve us."

Meera has a deep love and connection to Rishikesh, India where she studies with Master Teacher Anand and Master Teacher Ma Siddhi. 

She will continue to follow her yogic path and deep commitment to learning by traveling to the very beautiful Sattva Center in India yearly to study with her teachers. Meera is truly humbled and grateful to learn from these great masters. 
Teaching with a soft heart, Meera is always a student first.

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Pre/Postnatal Yoga Classes and Workshops

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Photo: Sylvie, Siddhi & Meera

Sattva Yoga Pre/Postnatal 85hr Teacher Training with our Master Teacher Siddhi  |  San Francisco  |  October 2015

SYTT 2016 INFO  

Join Meera and Sylvie this September 2016 in INDIA!


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Sattva Yoga
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